Photo view on the sky Artus Hôtel Saint-germain des près ParisPhoto view on the sky Artus Hôtel Saint-germain des près Paris

Our Commitments


We are green, and you?


At Artus, we are convinced that we all have the resources, imagination and abilities to do our part in a changing world.

Our ambition: to move a little further each day towards a responsible model that respects our planet. We imagine, test and gradually deploy new solutions in our hotel, to limit our environmental impact, but also to give you the means to act and contribute on your own scale during your stay with us. "Because transformation happens individually, but it's in the collective that the magic happens!"

Thanks to the actions we take on a daily basis and all the steps we have taken, we are delighted to have been awarded the Clef Verte label in 2024.

The Clef Verte label criteria require us to respect nature and people, in particular by controlling water and energy consumption, managing waste in an environmentally-friendly way, providing leisure activities that do not harm nature, and promoting the region's players and natural assets.

455 kg
of soap and hospitality products

were collected in our hotels by our partner Clean the World to be recycled and transformed into hygiene kits for the poorest.

1.8 ton
of yellow waste (paper, plastic, cups)

was collected and recycled by our partner Cedar, which promotes the sustainable employment of people with disabilities.

527 kg
of our professional linen

was given to the company Du Beau Linge which recycles it and gives it a second life, with the help of work integration centers. All the non-usable linen is given to charitable associations.


picto validated Artus Hotel Saint-germain des près Paris

Replacement of plastic hospitality products with glass bottles

picto validated Artus Hotel Saint-germain des près Paris

0 plastic policy in minibars and event rooms: only Evian returnable glass bottles and recycled aluminium cans are used

picto validated Artus Hotel Saint-germain des près Paris

Implementation of wooden cards for the rooms since the beginning of 2022

picto validated Artus Hotel Saint-germain des près Paris

Installation of water fountains in the lobby and event space



Sort and recycle everything that can be recycled.


Donate anything that can have a second life.


Progressively equip our hotels with the best consumer options.


Limit waste. Water, energy, but also food.


Favour ecological products and materials.


To offer you alternatives to consume better.


Use and abuse technology when it allows sustainable consumption.


Engage and train our ambassadors in best practices.


Facilitate the cohesion of our teams, well-being at work and promote diversity.


Search for and select partners in line with the vision of this charter.


And always keep an eye open! On innovations, feeding on good practices, and transforming ourselves a little more each day hand in hand with our partners, our teams but also with you.

We are Green

Because our small gestures make big actions, our teams sort and recycle waste every day to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.

We support

Since 2011, we have been working hand in hand with the association La Voix de l'Enfant to help protect children and improve education.

169 000€

This is the amount raised for
La Voix De l'Enfant
since the beginning of our support.

Children Artus Hotel Saint-germain des près Paris

La Voix De l'Enfant also offers workshops for children at the hotel Artus (pastry-making workshops, discovery of the hotel business) and time given by our employees to the association (participation in sports tournaments, running workshops).

Gender equality index


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